Raising Cain. A arte da steadicam: As 50 melhores cenas com a técnica que revolucionou o cinema. Raising Cain (1992) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The iconic shot of Rocky running up the museum steps was made possible only by the Steadicam, a camera stabilising system first used in a feature film four decades ago — Hal Ashby’s Bound for Glory in 1976. ... seeking to outdo the Steadicam shot that opens Bonfire with another breathtaking feat of … Raising Cain Pride & Prejudice Boogie Nights Doom Point Break Pulp Fiction Werckmeister Harmonies Outpost 11 After Hours Much Ado About Nothing Marathon Man Carlito’s Way Goodfellas Rocky Michael Clayton The Peacemaker The West Wing: Season 1, Ep. He too mentions the difficulty of the long Steadicam shot and also says he was picked out for praise in Raising Cain by none other than Pauline Kael, the doyenne of film criticism at the time. 1 Atonement Eyes Wide Shut Artificial Intelligence: AI ER: Season 4, Ep. Carterova žena jenny (Lolita Davidovich) je samozřejmě nadšená tím, že její pozorný manžel bude doma.
Larry wrote and produced radio specials for Barbra Streisand, Olivia Newton John, WAR, Shaun Cassidy, K.D. Forty years ago Garrett Brown used his ground breaking new invention, the Steadicam, for the first time a feature film, Hal Ashby's "Bound for Glory." Raising Cain ukazuje, že jednou z De Palmových osobností je pořád ten uchylák, jakého milujeme (nebo nenávidíme) ve filmech jako Body Double či Dressed To Kill. Now, it falls to Jenny to unravel the mystery. For our money, there is no better scene in cinema history than the three-minute Steadicam shot in Goodfellas of Henry and the future Mrs. Karen Hill walking in through the back door of the Copacabana, through the kitchen and up to the bar, the pair glad-handing the club’s patrons along the way.. Carter Nix (John Lithgow) je uznávaný psycholog, milující manžel a oddaný otec, který se rozhodne věnovat rok výchově své dcery. Just one of those wild DePalma touches. Když se ale Carter… When neighborhood kids begin vanishing, Jenny suspects her child psychologist husband, Carter, may be resuming the deranged experiments his father performed on Carter when he was young. The second film to use Steadicam, Schlesinger’s classic thriller, in which an innocent PhD candidate (Dustin Hoffman) gets tangled up with a sadistic ex-Nazi dentist (Laurence Olivier) and a vast scheme to sell diamonds stolen from German Jews during WWII, is a gripping masterwork of paranoia and post-Holocaust unrest. Muro lives in New Orleans with his family. Includes 5 key steadicam shots with animated floor … A traquitana é simples, mas a estabilização permitida pelo colete… Drama; “Choreographing the shot, getting the psychopath to hold his knife up in front of the mirror at the right time — it was a kind of joyful evening,” Mr. De Palma said by telephone. The Art of Steadicam zeigt uns zehn Minuten tollstes Schwebekameramaterial, von den Siebzigern bis heute. SteadiShots.org studies and shares the incredible talents of many of today's Steadicam Operators. Nemůžete tedy čekat solidní (a logický) thriller, ale šílenost s dlouhými kamerovými jízdami, bizarními … It … In a weird way, it amounted to a peak moment of my early adolescence: I was on a school trip to our nation’s capital, sharing a hotel room with my friends from middle school, and we were just tickled to get away with watching an R-rated movie on cable. Its so over the top and tongue in cheek, basically an homage to Psycho. Dr Nix, a child psychologist, traumatised children, including his own son Cain, to create multiple personalities. Ten minute video essay "Steadicam progress – the career of Paul Thomas Anderson in five shots". Raising Cain Review. I had seen the famous long steadicam shot in isolation before, but not the whole film. Clipe reúne as Top 50 tomadas obtidas com um dos estilos visuais mais dinâmicos da cinematografia Criada em 1975 por Garrett Brown, a steadicam deu um dinamismo inédito ao cinema. J. Michael Muro is an American cinematographer and director working in both the film and television industries. And as more children disappear, she fears for her own child's safety. A suavidade da técnica Steadicam foi revolucionária para a cinematografia mundial Inventada por Garrett Brown no início dos anos 1970, o 'Steadishot', ou o plano de Steadicam se tornou uma das mais dinâmicas formas de cinematografia e uma das técnicas mais poderosas do arsenal da narrativa audiovisual. Steadicam has left an indelible mark on Hollywood filmmaking, ... Magnolia), Brian De Palma (Carlito's Way, Raising Cain), and Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown). 20 The X-Files: Season 6, Ep. There is an elevator, a glistening blade, a man dressed as a woman, a pram and an endangered child. The Art of Steadicam. Brian De Palma’s darkly comic, hall-of-mirrors thriller stars a deliciously deranged John Lithgow in a diabolical double role: as a mild-mannered child psychiatrist and his evil twin brother, who both take to kidnapping and murder in order to procure toddlers for a bizarre psychological study. Watch The Art of Steadicam, a video compilation by Refocused Media celebrating the great Steadicam tracking shots of almost 40 movies (from Kubrick to PTA). If you’ve seen my earlier videos you already know I have a love for long takes or “one shots”. See, for example, McConkey’s exceptionally long Raising Cain Steadicam shot in which Frances Sternhagen’s psychiatrist explains the hero’s personality disorder to Gregg Henry’s cop while traversing multiple floors of a police station. Raising Cain’s finale takes place at a three-story motel in a driving rainstorm. Garret Brown fez mais de 50 filmes, incluindo… Now, I in no way mean to marginalize Larry's "Copacabana" shot in "Goodfellas", but I… After Carter’s introduction, it does seem a little tame and, for today’s modern audiences, the change in tone may be off putting. The Steadicam also gave us such staples of movie history as … I first saw Brian De Palma’s Raising Cain when I was fourteen years old. Shot by Stephen Burum, ASC. Movies: Raising Cain; By Mark Salisbury | Posted 1 Jan 2000. Now Cain is an adult whose multiple personalities incite him to murder. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events It displays and discusses Steadicam shots from cinema history to help promote not only use of the Steadicam, but GOOD use of the Steadicam. List of clips, in order of post-intro appearance: Kill Bill Vol. He went on to use the Steadicam in many films, including “Raising Cain” and “Carlito’s Way,” … Just watched this 1992 Brian De Palma film for the first time a few days ago on Netflix. Posts about Brian De Palma written by nevalalee. When people discuss Steadicam, they often go straight to the iconic shots that define our craft without going any further. Raising Cain, for all its flaws, never drags or bores, constantly springing some new revelation to keep the audience engaged. An inspired use of single take steadicam to build tension in an otherwise simple scene. They talk about Larry's "Goodfellas" shot without acknowledging the incredible oners performed in "Raising Cain" or "Bonfire of the Vanities". Raising Cain Pride & Prejudice Boogie Nights Doom Point Break Pulp Fiction Werckmeister Harmonies Outpost 11 After Hours Much Ado About Nothing Marathon Man Carlito’s Way Goodfellas Rocky Michael Clayton The Peacemaker The West Wing: Season 1, Ep.
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