Political speeches are full of literary / rhetorical devices and Donald Trump’s speech was no exception. Sign up to receive the latest articles from Ragan.com directly in your inbox. Many of us are familiar with the more common rhetorical devices, such as hyperbole, allusion and analogy; others are more obscure. In this speech, he announced a new tech device that would change the world forever. At the time of the speech, Barack Obama was a relatively young and unknown politician, so allusions to great American figures and events are intended to connect Obama with American history in the mind of the p… Alliteration draws attention to the phrase and is often used for emphasis. His political speeches will be used in the study to achieve its objectives. Library Videos. Rhetoric is the art of writing or speaking to persuade, inform, or express the personal thoughts of the writer most effec-tively. For examples of more rhetorical strategies, consult A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices, Facebook 3. Learn more about Ragan Insider. You can think of a speaker as an artist or craftsperson and ethos, pathos and logos as the framework upon which the artisan works. A starter of a rhetorical device matching exercise, annotating effective speech writing and concluding in writing your own persuasive speech. The rights of people of color are often suppressed. In long speeches word-repetition can be used to hold the speech together, but also to emphasize moral values. I then explore the rhetorical aspect of strategising with attention to the way speech serves to orient audiences by creatively re‐appropriating a situation. Though some speech devices are obvious to spot during election season, many are more obscure. I love teaching my students about rhetorical strategies and devices, analyzing what makes an effective and persuasive argument, and reading critical speeches with my students. Twitter It is used to place emphasis on a group of words or call attention to these words. It’s on social media, newsfeeds, TV, radio, pop-up ads that you can’t close fast enough. Devices in this category seek to convince and persuade via logic and reason, and will usually make use of statistics, cited facts, and statements by authorities to make their point and persuade the listener. Rhetorical Devices for Speeches Alliteration repetition of initial consonant sound The initial consonant sound is usually repeated in two neighbouring words (sometimes also in words that are not next to each other). On the first day, students will identify and analyze rhetorical devices in famous political speeches by Frederick Douglas, President Lincoln, President Roosevelt and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For homework, students will research a contemporary issue. It is used to place emphasis on a group of words or call attention to these words. Pronouns - Pronouns are words substituting for nouns, in particular I or we. Get FREE tips and strategies, too. Antiphrasis— the use of a word opposite to its proper meaning; irony. Active vs passive voice - Active voice  demands an active subject - ex. As the first rhetorical criticism methodology, Neo-Aristotelian remains a strong tool of analysis to study speeches as it allows critics to assess the speaker’s persuasion devices and serves as the foundation for the other newer contemporary rhetorical criticism methods (Foss, 2019). Apophasis— accentuating something by denying that it will be mentioned. They can be useful in political speeches as they reduce or increase responsibility. View Academics in Rhetorical devices in political speeches on Academia.edu. IN POLITICAL SPEECHES PETER BULL University of York MEREL NOORDHUIZEN University of Amsterdam According to Atkinson,speakers at political meetings invite applause through rhetorical devices, which indicate when and where applause is appropriate. include rhetorical devices in a text? Successful speakers, especially in political contexts, need to appeal to attitudes and emotions that are already within the listeners. These speeches were given in order to protect the freedom, liberty, and equality of all people. The language required to motivate and persuade in political speeches is a prepared mode of linguistic usage very different from others in that its imperative is inherently connected with its construction and delivery. A characteristic of Martin Luther King's speeches, was drawing analogies between the situation of the African Americans and the oppression of the Hebrews in Egypt. Metonymies - A metonymy is when an idea or a concept is replaced by a single word or feature that is connected to it. In contrast, the personal responsibility is increased by using a ruler of a state's name when referring to the government or all the citizens in a country. A Literary Linguistic analysis of the features used in political speeches can illuminate the effects of such strategies and techniques to anyone, in addition to providing a more general understanding of how speeches are organised! This article analyzes the political speeches of prominent African leaders with a view to seeing how African leaders persuade the African people on the expediency of various political and socio-economic policies and plans that are capable of enhancing African economic recovery and development. This is possible because of the perceived similarity between objects and concepts as regards particular features that one wants to convey. Next time you hear a political message, see if you detect any of these rhetorical devices. 2. THE TOP 100 SPEECHES is an index to and substantial database of full text transcriptions of the 100 most significant American political speeches of the 20th century, according to a list compiled by Professors Stephen E. Lucas and Martin J. Medhurst.Dr. This Rhetorical Devices in Political Speeches Lesson Plan is suitable for 9th - 10th Grade. Teaching rhetorical analysis is one of my absolute favorite units to complete with my students. Contrastive pairs - Contrastive pairs are used to point out a difference between two ideas, stating what something is and then contrasting it with what it is not, or a difference in time; as in between then and now. Analogies - Analogies, where contemporary situations are compared with historical events or myths are common features in political speeches. Lucas is Evjue-Bascom Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. A complete lesson focusing on persuasive speech writing skills and identifying effective rhetorical devices. the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. Good speeches will always contain these three basic elements, and will enliven these appeals with a variety of rhetorical devices. A differentiated writing frame and extension tasks are also included.. The last great orator who excelled at using rhetorical devices was the late, great Martin Luther King. Handout: Rhetorical Devices in Political Speeches Procedure: 1- Introduce students to the concept of rhetorical devices. Witness famous speeches and hear timeless words spoken by historical figures. Repetition as a Rhetorical Device in the Political Speeches of Three Egyptian Presidents: Mubarak, Morsi and Al-Sisi. Rhetorical devices can be a strong tool in an effective and powerful speech. Hence, speech and applause are characterized by a high degree of synchronization. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. ex. ex. RELATED: Speechwriters, join our new LinkedIn group and meet the world’s best executive communicators. 16 Rhetorical Devices Steve Jobs Used in the Macworld 2007 iPhone Launch One of Jobs’ best speeches was given at Macworld 2007—during the original iPhone launch. Common rhetorical devices Successful speakers, especially in political contexts, need to appeal to attitudes and emotions that are already within the listeners. Author: Pensive Pages. Political rhetoric is essentially classical rhetoric applied to a modern political situation. This study seeks to achieve three objectives. Enter the email you used in your Ragan store purchase. The Sound-bites - A sound-bite is a short piece from a speech usually sent to media so that it can be reported as quickly as possible. Listen to recordings of speeches online on history.com You will be able to analyze the persuasive impact of rhetorical structures and devices in famous speeches. 4 All the expressions and words extracted from the two speeches are given in italics. What particular devices does Brown use in his speech? Three-part lists - A variant of repetition is the so-called three-part lists, when new ideas or pieces of information are presented in three parts. The first part initiates an argument, the second part emphasizes or responds to the first and the third part is a reinforcement of the first two and a sign that the argument is completed, assisting the audience by suggesting when it is appropriate to applaud. Rhetorical Devices List. That approach is shown to be consistent with a ‘dialectical’ political sociology that emphasises the interaction of structure and agency. Have you ever watched a political speech and felt your heart beat a little faster, and your opinion either solidify or begin to slightly change? Rhetorical devices are loosely organized into the following four categories: Logos. Types of Rhetorical Devices . ; 3 The current paper pursues the defined line of research, i.e. Alliteration - Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. Deliberate and deadly. c) To analyze the forms of oral literature in Raila Odinga‘s speeches. A Comparative Translation Study. Ideas and concepts are intended to be clarified in an analogy by comparing them with supposedly well-known phenomena. The speaker makes numerous allusions to historical events and people, which are symbolical of America’s capacity to change and improve, something which he also promises the American public. These allusions should be interpreted in the context of the speech and the speaker’s intention. Copyright 2020 Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc. Speechwriters, join our new LinkedIn group and meet the world’s best executive communicators. Although I’m not particularly interested in politics, I am intrigued by the ways candidates use rhetorical devices in their messages. Examples of Rhetorical Devices in Famous Speeches. Thus, incidences of I clearly declares who is responsible while we makes the status of responsibility less clear or makes an appeal to shared interests. identified various rhetorical devices used in the selected speeches that provide some understanding of how other terms such as persuasion and manipulation are related to rhetoric. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. The SUNSHINE  of a smile  is an example of a metaphor, where it is understood that a smile brings out the same feelings of warmth and well-being as sunshine does. The sound-bite is chosen because it will sum up the content of a longer paragraph in fewer words, suitable for a headline. b) To analyze rhetorical devices in political speeches by Raila Odinga. Log in here. Key words: language and power, manipulation, persuasion, politicians, political rhetoric, public speaking. Full text and audio database of Top 100 American Speeches by Rank Order Rhetorical devices are the tools that writers use to most effectively make their point. Word-repetition - Repeating certain phrases contributes towards making the ideas contained in them seem 'common sense.' https://library.centre.edu/POL120Fall2019. Deliberate and deadly. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. These speeches have dealt with economic matters and decisions but have not always included general political issues. Already a member? If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. Some common strategies include: Metaphors - Metaphors are linguistic symbols which give concrete labels to abstract ideas. Allusion— an indirect or casual reference to a historical or literary figure, event or object. Figurative speech "...each one of us is intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld. Many of us are familiar with the more common rhetorical devices, such as hyperbole, allusion and analogy; others are more obscure. Though history, the best and most prolific writers and speakers have used and developed a plethora of rhetorical devices. Parallel structure - Parallel structure is when the same grammatical structure is used within a sentence or paragraph to show that two or more ideas have equal importance. RELATED: Speechwriters, join our new LinkedIn group and meet the world’s best executive communicators. When the listeners perceive that their beliefs are understood and supported, the speaker has created connections between the listener and the policy that they wish to communicate.To be persuasive, speakers employ a variety of rhetorical strategies. Example: I guess we’re all waiting for a Mr. Darcy to come along. For example: freedom and democracy and peace. Bookending - When a speaker bookends, they begin and end their speech with the same idea/theme in order to emphasize that idea/theme. In an election year, it’s tough to tune out all the pervasive and invasive political messaging. 1. White people suppress the rights of people of color - while passive voice does not require an actor - ex. 1.3 Method Gordon Brown has been the Chancellor of the Exchequer since 1997 and has delivered many speeches during his career. Alphabetically, by device: Alliteration/Assonance “Your loved ones were daring and brave, and they had that special grace, that special spirit that says, ‘Give me a challenge, and I'll meet it with joy.’” -Ronald Reagan- The Space Shuttle "Challenger" Tragedy Address. Example: Sheila quietly yelled at Scott for not telling her about the system outage. The foundation of metonymies is conceptual as is also the case with metaphors. Next time you hear a political message, see if you detect any of these rhetorical devices. People such as Cicero and Demosthenes come to mind or Abraham Lincoln. Political Rhetoric: Famous speeches and rhetorical strategies. For instance, using the metonymy The White House instead of the President's name reduces the President's personal responsibility. They include; a) To describe non-verbal cues in political speeches by Raila Odinga. Get FREE tips and strategies, too. How many of these do you recognize? Famous speeches and rhetorical strategies. Political Speeches Ever wondered about the persuasive strategies and techniques employed in political speeches? Each time one of us touches the soil of this land, we feel a sense of personal renewal. The authors of these four speeches utilized strong rhetorical devices like logos, ethos, and pathos in order to successfully convey their message to their audience.
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