The LV-500 weighs in at 3/4oz , is 3 inches long and casts like a bullet. The Lucky Craft LC 1.5DRS is a 2 inch, 1/2 ounce square bill crankbait that runs between 3 and 4 feet and employs Lucky Craft's new Deep Rattle Sound (DRS) technology. ab 7,95 € * sofort verfügbar. Lucky Craft LV-500 Lipless Crankbait The LV500 is a compact and heavy lipless crankbait. Available in over 20 different color variations. Crank Bait / LC 1.5 ~LC Series~ Length: 2-3/8"(60mm) Weight: 1/2oz (12.0g) Class: Floating; Belly: #4; Hook Tail: #4 ; Max Diving Depth: 3 - 4ft : The LC Series is the first high quality plastic square bill crank bait ever made. lucky craft / bevy crank 45 dr. us$7.90. The LC Series is the first high quality plastic square bill crankbait ever made. $8.99 $ 8. Lucky Craft LC 1.5 Moonsault Crankbaits . This approach was born through exhaustive research in a technology called "Finesse cranking," which is used commonly in the Southeast, where cranking baits have demonstrated the The two I use most often are the CB350 (top in photo) and Flat CB DR (bottom). } Most are in used condition. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Lucky Craft Fishing Lure Lv-500 Crank Bait Ghost Minnow 3in 75mm. You should always match the line weight to what the rod id rated for. PAGreg 66 Posted February 10, 2015. The Lucky Craft LV-500 is a premium lipless crankbait designed for fast power fishing. These rods feature some of the best fiberglass on the market. No reviews yet. 99. Most guys I see never or rarely use such deep divers. Rod and Reel Combos Baitcast Combos Spinning Combos ... As the first of its kind, the all-plastic Lucky Craft® Square Bill Crankbait replaces traditional balsa wood models to give you a durable, highly responsive bait that can handle tough conditions. The Fat Smasher can be fished similar to a shallow water crankbait by holding your rod tip low to the water. The Lucky Craft BDS (Big Daddy Strike) Crankbaits have been very effective catching fish and winning money in bass tournaments all over the US. font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; Lucky Craft LC DD DRS Crankbaits. Lucky Craft Crankbait Rod. Lucky Craft LC RT Crankbait. Lucky Craft Crankbaits Follow This Category. The shorter rod are generally more accurate so again it depends on your needs and where you intend to do most of your fishing. Get the best deals on Lucky Craft Fishing Crankbaits when you shop the largest online selection at Lucky Craft LC DRS Deep Rattle Sound Crankbaits. $23.99 $ 23. } -->,