Even so, if you bypassed the crossover and used a digital speaker processor and Dirac Live or DEQX or a Legacy Wavelet, a pair of Benchmark AHB-2 amps for the mids/highs and beefy class D mono blocks for the woofers, you would have a incredibly potent system for around $25K. Regardless of the flaws, to me the one thing is that someone could drop serious money on this speaker and never know that their amp is not a great match for this new model. Well, amplifiers are cheap—we really don't need high efficiency in a loudspeaker system for the purpose of getting more horsepower output: We could just put more horsepower in from the amplifier. My reply was followed by a three-day lag in correspondence, after which came the disappointing news: "We're sorry: It won't work." I'd love to see what measurements JA would get with an active, DSP'd Khorn. There still seems to be some issues with the mid driver that need to be hashed out. This is no small thing. 381 mm, ".... to deceive and confuse" ......... Oh please JA1, don't run for public office ........ We need you here at Stereophile :-) ....... ..don't do it at all. So the speakers were in the corners of the W but still pointed straight forward. "My measurements showed that my little prototype had better bass and less distortion than anything on the market, yet it was one quarter the size," wrote AR's founder, Edgar Villchur, adding "I thought, 'This has got to be the future of loudspeakers.'" ( god bless em ). There are some videos posted on-line as well :-) ........... Wow. Not cheap, but it would outperform the most systems regardless of cost. Why did they make it this way? perhaps some accessory wings to expand the new artificial corner the back baffle provides would go a long way to improving the new sonics. Please don't read skepticism into this, and don't assume it's some kind of loaded question--it's not. >> Get on the mailing list so you're up on key moments during the campaign at http://dopefromhope.com. Better than 300B tubes. After all, the only other answer is hit-or-miss matching with various tube amplifier impedance curves; try 'em until you find one you like. Pro-Audio guys use this type of folded Woofer in their 250 lb. Phew ! My only quibble would be the normalization he uses for lateral off axis. To pretend that the measurements must somehow be flawed evades that question and serves no-one. Thanks Art. This almost happened 13 years ago. I like the way they sound, and it's not worth it to me to change that sound so that the measurements look better. Remember tapped horns are bandwidth limited in their upper range, and usually only span about ~2 1/2 octaves cleanly. Just huge fun. It's the current thing. Are you willing to share an example of a specific design choice you made that resulted in worse measurements and better sound? There were a lot of speakers to be found at these yard sales, also found Paradigm Titans and a/d/s L400's, but the Klipsch speakers were easily the most dynamic of the bunch. May be J-10 could review the new Synergistic Research $10,000 'World's reference power cable' for Stereophile? ... the First Watt SIT-3 and the Quad II Classic. Have a nice life in your incomprehensibly understood world. Klipsch Heritage Klipschorn Speaker Pairs (AK6 Walnut) Brand: Klipsch. Klipsch is an Experience , nearly indescribable with words. Whether DSP is easier is therefore moot. Klipsch only uses book-matched wood veneers for the Heritage series of speakers. The horn's throat begins with a comparatively narrow slot—to increase pressure as well as to conform to the mathematical requirements of the horn's predetermined rate of expansion—before directing the woofer's front wave both straight up and straight down, prior to traveling through the remainder of the horn, which is constructed with dozens of precisely cut plywood and MDF pieces. And now more complaints at Asylum, in thread "Klipshorn's/Art Dudley". Thanks, Greg :-). Pro bass drivers are just snappier, more alive and tuneful in a proper designed and build enclosure - ultimately indeed more musical. I'm merely curious, and I think it would be interesting to others as well. If somebody keeps playing 'one of the greatest albums of all time, Yeezus', over and over again on such a system as Burwen's, certainly 'madness in a domestic environment' could ensue ....... See AnalogPlanet :-) ........ ..... which could lead to 'Summertime Sadness' :-) .......... ... 'Summertime Blues'.
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